Some of our most frequent Questions:


Is this the class I need to become a real estate Broker?

Yes. There is only one way to get your real estate brokers license in North Carolina and that is to take the Broker Prelicensing Course. 

How many hours is the class?

The class must be a minimum of 75 hours to comply with North Carolina Licensing Requirements.

Can I take the class on line?

Yes beginning in July 2020 North Carolina will allow an on-line version of the prelicensing couse.

Do I have to take a test at the end?

Yes you must take a class exam and pass with a grade of 75 or better.  

Do I get a second chance if I fail the classroom test?

Yes you get to try one more time IF you have received at least a grade of 65 on the first exam.  Less than a grade of 65 and you will have to retake the entire course.  The same is true if you take the second exam and fail. You must take the class again.

Does the class include all materials?

Our course does not include your course book.  The book may be purchased through us or through the North Carolina Association of Realtors or a local Realtor Association. 

How much time can I miss and still be eligible for the final exam?

You can miss 20% of the class hours (15 hours) and still be eligible for the class exam. However, class time is critical to your success in passing the exam. 

How do I qualify to take the State exam?

You must take the prelicense course and pass the final exam to be eligible to take the state exam.