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Post-Licensing Information

Our Post License classes are taught through many avenues.  Power Point, role playing, and  class participation in projects that relate to the subject at  hand.  Our instructors combine many elements to make each class not only educational but fun. Each class consists of 30 hours of study and are available in various time and day increments depending upon our students needs.  There is a class exam at the conclusion of the course which each student must pass with a 75 or higher in order to receive credit.  Our instructors do all they can to make certain that you are well prepared for this exam and your real life experiences as they relate to these classes.

Broker Relationships and Responsibilities

Topics included in this course are:

  • Agency Relationships and Duties - A Practical Review
  • Working with Residential & Commercial Sellers
  • Working with Residential & Commercial Buyers
  • Working as a Dual Agent
  • Working as a Property Manager
  • Other Topics

Contracts and Closings

Topics included in this course are:

  • Basic contract Law
  • Real Estate Sales contract Preparation
  • Sales Contract Procedures
  • Closing Preparation and Procedures
  • The Settlement Statement
  • Other topics, License status and education issues

NC Laws, Rules and Legal Concepts

Topics included in this course are:

  • General NC Licensing Requirements
  • Brokerage Compensation Issues
  • Disciplinary Process
  • Specialized Types of Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Miscellaneous NC Laws and Legal Concepts