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I Have My Real Estate License Now What?

I Have My Real Estate License Now What

This is a nuts and bolts class for the new agent.  It will explain the advantages and disadvantages of large and small firms, give you comprehensive usable information on how to structure your business, how to calculate the number of homes you need to sell to make your desired income, the tax structure for your business, what supplies you need, and so much more. If you are just coming out of real estate school and just passed your exam this is the class for you!  It will answer all those questions and give you useful information to move you into a productive business as a real estate professional.


Exam Cram:  

Whether you are getting ready to take the class exam or beef up your knowledge for the state exam this class is the one for you. This class will be a thorough review of all chapters in the real estate manual as well as a comprehensive review of the real estate math calculations.  If you have failed the exam and need some additional help before you next retake or just want to prepare for the upcoming test this class will give you the knowledge you need to feel confident when you sit down to take your test.  It is a full day in class review.